The Story of Elaka Begum

Along with her two children, Elaka Begum lives in a small village named Maria, situated in the Durgapur Upazila, Rajshahi. When her first son turned to 5 years old and her second son was merely 3 months old, she was separated from her husband. This led her to financial crisis without having an earning source. With much difficulty she raised her sons. Now her youngest son studies and the oldest one works as a day laborer. As the only earning member of her family, it has become difficult for her son to manage all the family expenses with his little income.
With the intension of supporting the vulnerable and deprived people of the society, Elaka begum was given 35 ducks for creating an income source under GUSS’s Sustainable Livelihood project funded by Bangladesh Regeneration Trust UK (BRTUK). Currently she has 25 ducks in which 23 are female and 2 male ducks. Elaka collects about 18/20 eggs everyday and sells them for 50 taka per four of eggs at the village market. This initiative was taken in order to support woman empowerment and creating earning source for women like Elaka Begum.