Building Dreams: GUSS Shelter Project's Impact on Omar Ali's Family

In the serene village of Shikdar Bill in Ukhiya, 41-year-old Omar Ali embodies resilience in the face of adversity. His life took an unfortunate turn a few years ago when he lost a leg in a road accident. Despite this profound challenge, Omar remains steadfast in his commitment to providing for his family.

Omar’s role as a night guard reflects his determination to overcome the odds and support his loved ones, including his mother, wife, and two young children aged 10 and 3. The financial responsibility on his shoulders is substantial, making the daily grind even more demanding.

Before the intervention of Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha (GUSS), the Ali family faced additional hardships due to their living conditions. Their previous dwelling, a poorly managed shanty, left them vulnerable to the whims of nature, with rain, cyclones, and thunderstorms posing constant threats. Moreover, the dilapidated structure made them susceptible to security risks from ill-intentioned individuals who could easily breach their fragile shelter.

GUSS stepped in to change the trajectory of the Ali family’s life. Through their Shelter Project, they provided Omar Ali and his family with a safe haven—a government-approved shelter designed to withstand the elements and ensure security. The new dwelling comprises two rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and a veranda, offering a significant upgrade from their previous living conditions.

Now, with 115 such shelters constructed through GUSS for the host community, the impact is not just on individuals like Omar Ali but resonates across the entire community. The tangible improvement in living conditions goes beyond providing physical shelter; it grants a sense of security, dignity, and peace of mind. For Omar Ali and his family, the new shelter represents more than just walls and a roof; it symbolizes a fresh start, a better tomorrow, and a newfound resilience to face each day with renewed hope and strength.