Case Study - MAUSA - Feed the Fasting 2023 - Abdu Sukur

Like so many of his people, Abdu Sukur fled Myanmar after the military began its assault on the Rohingya in 2017. During that time, Abdu was already well into his 60s and past his prime. So when the military began burning down his village, he was understandably frightened to his core. However, though his sense of fear was intense, his will to keep going was even greater.  Soon he fled his homeland and found himself in Bangladesh. Though without adequate food, shelter & wash facilities, how long can a person hold on?

Fortunately, he and his people slowly began receiving help from various organisations. Today, at the age of 70, Abdu Sukur (FCN- 150671) lives in camp 1-E with his wife. His son lives separately, which understandably upsets Abdu from time to time. As he enters his twilight years, he wishes often to be together as a big family. 

Though life has been difficult for him, Abdu Sukur still holds on to hope, and his hard exterior was broken through as he received his food pack through the Feed the Fasting 2023 project. Giving a small smile, he said,  “I am lucky to have had so much kindness shown to me. May God Almighty shower you with blessings and may He continue to guide me.”