Case Study - MAUSA - Feed the Fasting 2023 - Minara Begum

In 2017, when Minara Begum woke up to the sound of people shouting and yelling, she knew that her life would never be the same again. At 20 years years of age, she too joined the mass exodus with the hundreds of thousands of other people escaping the terror of the Myanmar military. Fortunately, she was not alone, and with her husband, she found refuge across the border in Bangladesh.

In time, as the abnormal situation became the new normal, she managed to settle down and attained newfound happiness in her children. At the tender ages of 4.5 years and 7 months, the two children give her comfort and peace.   

However, a larger family means there is an increased need for food and sustenance, which is not easy to come by. So when Minara received the Ramadan food packs from MAUSA, she was very grateful. ‘Because of this, I can be more at ease during the holy month and also teach the values of such kindness to my elder son. Thank you to MAUSA and everyone who has helped us. You will all be in my prayers.’