Case Study - MAUSA - Flood Response - Fatema Begum

Mst. Fatema Begum is a resident of Girishnagar village in the Surma Union, in Doarabazar Upazila, Sunamgonj. Around 27 years ago Fatema Begum lost her husband, leaving her with their intellectually disabled son. After that incidence, Fatema began working as a housemaid, though unfortunately, she had to quit because of her old age. With no other source of income, she resorted to begging and lived on whatever money she could earn from that. At 60 years old, Fatema lost everything when the rampaging flood destroyed their only house and washed everything away with it.

After living for 15 days in the shelter during heavy rain, she came back to find nothing but water in place of her house. Currently Fatema has been living in other people’s houses along with her son. After receiving the food package though, she was elated. She said, “I have received some relief before, but the donation from GUSS and Muslim Aid USA is much bigger than before.” Fatema expressed her happiness by thanking both Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha and Muslim Aid USA for giving her such a generous donation.