Case Study - MAUSA - Health Post Project - Shafika Begum

This is Shafika Begum from Camp 1(E). She is one of many who visit the health post in Ukhiya. Whenever her two young children fall ill, the health post is always there for them. 

She initially brought her younger child as he was suffering from diarrhea. The service, medication, and her child’s recovery astounded her. She came to appreciate the service and medication so much that only 3 days later when her elder son fell ill, she knew just where to go to help him. 

Ms. Begum also spoke highly of the volunteers and staff, of their politeness and dedication to their work. ‘They are always calm. They ask us questions and measure things like our weight and pressure. The medicine they provide us actually works and really helps us.’ She also brought attention to the organized manner in which the health post is maintained. She particularly appreciates the serial system that has the patients check in and wait with tokens.

‘My whole family appreciates the health post and comes here when they need help,’ she said happily, ‘and we all want this health post to be here until the day we can go back home.’

Ms. Begum is one of the thousands of people who have been helped by the Health Post project that GUSS has implemented with Muslim Aid USA. Every single day, there are always more and more people who need help. Antenatal and postnatal checkups, family planning, treatment of SAM and MAM, and many many other health issues are tackled on a regular basis by the health post.