Case Study - MAUSA - Health Post Project - Sharmin Akhtar

At 20 years of age, Sharmin Akhtar from Camp 1(E) is a very young mother. Like so many others, she visits the health post in search of treatment for her son, and she only has positive things to say about the facilities and service she has received.

Ms. Sharmin goes to the health post for her child’s treatment, for diseases affecting urine and conditions affecting the stomach, such as diarrhea.
‘We feel very at ease,’ she said when asked about how she feels about her clinic visits, ‘Because of all the medical support and the kinds of medicine that is available to us here.’

The health post has made Ms. Sharmin very comfortable, and she said that she feels no discomfort in visiting multiple times if the problem isn’t solved.

The health post is a running project implemented by GUSS, currently being funded by Muslim Aid USA. Thousands of people, young and old, have received care and treatment for various health-related issues such as family planning, SAM/MAM, non-communicable diseases, various respiratory and stomach problems, and many, many others. Ms. Sharmin and her child are two out of countless people who continue receiving healthcare from the health post.

‘We want this health post to be here for as long as we are here,’ she said, ‘Our endless love and prayers go to those who help us. We hope they will continue to be there for us.’.