Case Study - MAUSA - Qurbani 2021 - Umme Salma


Project Title

Qurbani Project for the Rohingya Population in Bangladesh 2021




Teknaf Upazila, Cox’s Bazar District, Chattogram Division 


Food Security and Nutrition 

Project Beneficiary 

Umme Salma (21)

Challenges experienced by beneficiary 

  • Umme Salma receives basic food from WFP which nutritional value is inadequate. 
  • They did not eat meat after last Qurbani 
  • Her husband is missing for five years

Project impact

  • Increased food security and nutrition
  • Complemented nutritional and psychological values

Completed Case Study

Umme Salma (21) lives with her parents in Shamlapur Refugee Camp-23 since 2006 when her family was forcibly displaced by the Myanmar government. Although She got married in the year of 2014, her husband went missing from 2015 leaving the only children orphan. Initially they did not have any suitable housing facility prior getting a temporary shelter after three (3) months. 

The family gets basic food from World Food Programme but could not enjoy meat or other nutritious food due to no income. MAUSA and GUSS provided them a great opportunity to eat meat through their qurbani project. 

Beneficiary Quotation #1

“I am really happy to get this qurbani meat and could not eat meat after last year’s Qurbani. My daughter is very much delighted after receiving the meat. Please pray for us as we can get back my Husband”. 

Beneficiary Quotation #2

“We are praying for MAUSA and GUSS as if Allah SWT gives them the best gift in future and also requesting them to give us more Qurbani support in next year Insha’Allah”.