Case Study - MAUSA - Shelter Project - Muhammad Anwar

Upon being visited by the team, Mr Anwar was quite curious. ‘Why would someone want to hear my story?’ he asked, half smiling. Regardless, he gladly obliged the request. 

Now living in Camp 1(E), he spoke of the struggle he went through when his old shelter was destroyed by the storms and floods. His youngest child was barely a few months old during that tumultuous time. Mr. Anwar had to be calm and reassure his family that things would be okay, even if countless terrible thoughts were going through his mind at the time. 

‘It was a miracle when I found out we were receiving a new shelter, and I cried and prayed for such a blessing,’ he said, smiling widely. He was not the only one though. In partnership with Muslim Aid USA, GUSS constructed a total of 70 shelters to give housing to the FDMN living in Ukhiya. 70 fortunate families found a place to live due to the combined efforts of this project.

The door to Mr. Anwar’s shelter stands out among the rest, being decorated in green with pink roses. 

‘You have to find beauty in everything,’ he said, ‘And if you don’t find it, you add it yourself.’