Case Study - MAUSA - Shelter Project - Noor-a-Begum

In search of home

In Camp 1(E), there lives a woman who radiates warmth and hospitality through her smile. When the team went on the field visit, Noor-a-Begum welcomed them with open arms, ready to share her stories and experiences. 

She told stories of loss and displacement, lamenting not having a true home in her life. According to her, the uncertainty and sadness of life as a refugee always stay. The seasons too can be cruel, especially monsoon with its endless storms and floods. Her old house had been severely damaged from the previous stormy season, once again leaving her without a home.  

However, it is at this point in her story that her eyes lit up in appreciation. Mrs. Begum pointed to the walls around her shelter and commented on how these are now the walls that ‘keep [her and her] family safe.’ Noor-a-Begum has a husband and four children, all of whom she cares for deeply, and she spoke for all of them when she thanked Muslim Aid USA and GUSS for giving her another home. Mrs. Begum’s fortunate family was 1 of 70 who received a shelter in this 2023 mid-term project.

She still worries about her home being taken away from her again, but she holds onto hope that in her time of need, the ones who have shown her kindness will do so again.