Case Study - MAUSA - Winter Support 2023 - Noor Jahan

The warmth of an injured family

At 26 years of age, most would assume that a person’s marital and family life would just have begun. However, only a year prior, the life of Noor Jahan of Camp 1(E) took a drastic turn. Her husband of nearly a decade suddenly disappeared. He left not just her, but their 7-year-old son and their 1-year-old daughter as well. 

Needless to say, she was devasted. Not only did she lose her partner with whom she was going to raise her two children, but she also lost the person who was bringing in income for the family.

Though life has been difficult, Noor Jahan still carries on, and she showed her appreciation for the blanket she received, stating “When it gets cold, my children and I will be all be wrapped up and warm together.”