Family Emergency Kits in Support of Forcibly Displaced Rohingya

Partner: Global Medic

Bhasan Char & Cox’s Bazar

Our History

Amidst the Rohingya refugee crisis in Moheskhali, Ukhiya, and Bhasan Char, our initiative stands as a beacon of support for families grappling with displacement. Our primary mission is to enhance the lives of 4,212 Rohingya and host families in Refugee Camps by focusing on crucial necessities. We are dedicated to improving access to safe drinking water, ensuring hygiene, and providing protection. Through the distribution of water filters, dignity kits, and solar lights, our goal is to meet fundamental needs vital for their well-being. These emergency kits not only offer clean drinking water but also contribute to proper hygiene practices and enhance safety through solar-powered lights. Committed to sustainability, we also prioritize educating beneficiary families on improved hygiene practices. Join us in this compassionate journey, uniting to uplift Rohingya families by offering them the essentials for safety, dignity, and a more hopeful future.