Medical Support for the Vulnerable Community in Bangladesh

Partner: BRPHI


Our History

Embarking on a transformative mission in Sylhet, Bangladesh, our Medical Support Project is dedicated to ensuring healthcare at the doorstep and preventing chronic diseases through the establishment of sustainable rural clinics. With a vision inspired by the UK NHS GP Model, our project strives to provide free healthcare for the less fortunate and quality care for all, creating a foundational primary healthcare system. Our commitment extends beyond immediate healthcare needs to the establishment of a mini NHS, fostering sustainability and preventing diseases that affect a significant portion of the Bangladeshi population. In the short term, our focus is on ensuring primary healthcare access for rural communities. Looking ahead, our long-term goal involves creating a comprehensive database, conducting health screenings and blood tests, and providing personalized advice and medication plans. Join us on this journey to revolutionize healthcare, making it accessible, sustainable, and proactive for everyone in Sylhet.