To enhance the resilience and capacity of impoverished communities through social accountability and giving back power to the powerless.


To reduce suffering and bring long-term change in
society through patience and steadfast work
by offering impartial opportunities and
social empowerment to all.

In necessary things, unity; in doubtful things, liberty; in all things, charity.


GUSS works for the empowerment and participation of all those who are disadvantaged and poverty-stricken, irrespective of gender, race, religion, and social standing. It also works in collaboration with like-minded groups and organizations towards the reformation and enactment of policies, laws, and their proper implementation at the local and national level, in order to ensure that human rights are maintained. Other specific objectives are-
– To make available appropriate services for children deprived of their right to survival and development, and provide opportunities for independence and self-sufficiency.
– To ensure that both equality as well as equity are maintained, so that everyone involved has the same kind of opportunities without any unfair advantage over others.
– To create environments where safety and respect are given priority, where no individual will be afraid to voice their thoughts and opinions.
– To increase the capacity and sustainability of the organization while working steadfastly towards the long-term improvement of society.

Our Values

– Social Justice: Our pledge is to ensure social justice for all human beings regardless of gender, race, class, and religion;
– Excellence: GUSS aims to perform at the highest possible quality and deliver excellence across all approaches;
– Sincerity: We are highly conscious of the responsibilities bestowed and liability to the affected community;
– Commitment: We are committed to the community and individuals working with;
Empowerment: GUSS intends to empower the beneficiaries so they can be independent and self-reliant.