Md Nazrul Islam | CEO

With over 22 years of professional expertise in Research and Development, Food Security, Livelihood, Nutrition, Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Resilience Enhancement, Education, and Child Protection, Nazrul Islam has demonstrated a strong commitment to humanitarian causes. His extensive experience spans various roles within the UN, INGOs, and NGOs, encompassing both project development and operational management. Nazrul has proven proficiency in collaborating with the humanitarian community in Bangladesh, leading joint needs assessments, developing situation reports, and enhancing staff capacity. His skills include partnership management for the effective implementation of humanitarian actions. He possesses technical expertise in community risk and vulnerability assessments, resilience analysis, livelihood assessments, participatory rural appraisal, community and local-level planning, as well as cash-for-work and cash-for-training initiatives. Moreover, Nazrul has a track record of conducting baseline surveys, establishing networks across different platforms, and contributing to project development and strategic implementation. His capabilities extend to monitoring, strategic partnership management, policy advocacy, fundraising, and financial control. As an active member of Bangladesh’s cluster system in food security, nutrition, and education, he has played a vital role in fostering collaboration and coordination among stakeholders. Additionally, Nazrul contributes as a member of the Integrated Food Phase Classification (IPC) technical group, dedicated to building the capacity of INGOs, NGOs, the Government of Bangladesh (GOB), and other relevant actors. This multifaceted background showcases Nazrul Islam’s dedication to addressing humanitarian challenges and promoting sustainable development in Bangladesh.

Emonul Arefin | Programme Partnership Coordinator

As the Programme Partnership Coordinator, Emonul Arefin seamlessly manages operational coordination, ensuring the efficient functioning of diverse organizational domains. With over six years of dedicated experience in the development sector and a robust educational background in Soil, Water, and Environment, holding both a BSc. and MSc. from Dhaka University, Emonul brings a wealth of expertise to his role. Proficient in Adobe Illustrator he excels in crafting impactful visibility materials. Emonul also actively contributes to monitoring visits and demonstrates a keen proficiency in designing comprehensive project proposals and reports. His specialization extends to producing various project documents, including concept notes, learning materials, EOI, TOR, IEC materials, and best practices. In addition to his role at GUSS, where he adeptly coordinates staff across Bangladesh and fosters collaborations with national and local NGOs, clusters, and government entities, Emonul has a rich background in roles such as a Programme Partnership Officer, Knowledge Management and Documentation Officer, and Research Associate. His proactive involvement in disaster risk reduction, climate change, resilience, and humanitarian response is evident through notable accomplishments, such as producing impactful publications and leading project teams. Beyond his work experience, Emonul has acquired certifications in digital marketing, photography, Adobe After Effects, motion graphics, and graphic design, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning. Fluent in both Bengali and English, he aspires to further advance his career in international UN, NGO, or similar sectors while taking on increasing responsibilities.

Md. Solaiman Kabir | Senior Finance and Admin Officer

Solaiman Kabir is an accomplished finance and administration professional with a wealth of experience spanning over a decade. Currently serving as the Senior Finance and Admin Officer at Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha, he plays a pivotal role in the planning and financial management of various projects. As the custodian of project funds, he ensures the safety and security of financial records, prepares comprehensive financial reports, and manages tax and VAT payments. His responsibilities also include the preparation of salary sheets, petty cash requisitions, and cheques, adhering to specified time frames. Solaiman maintains meticulous records of expenditures, prepares resolutions for the purchase committee, and oversees procurement activities in line with organizational policies. Beyond financial responsibilities, he actively contributes to day-to-day operations, project area visits, and meeting attendance. With a solid educational background, holding a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Commerce in Accounting from National University, Solaiman Kabir has demonstrated expertise and dedication throughout his career, consistently ensuring the transparent and efficient financial management of various programs and projects. His commitment extends to fostering collaboration with stakeholders, maintaining accountability, and integrating safeguarding measures in program design. Solaiman’s extensive experience includes previous roles at Agro-Input Retailers’ Network, Muslim Aid UK, and Gono Unnyan Prochesta, where he excelled in financial management, coordination, and field-level activities.


Md. Abdul Hamid | MEAL Coordinator

With a decade of experience spanning several reputable organizations, Abdul Hamid has honed his expertise in various aspects of MEAL, knowledge management, reporting, documentation, and supervision. He plays a pivotal role in developing data collection tools, conducting research, and disseminating key findings to stakeholders. Abdul excels in designing and executing research plans, developing Terms of Reference (ToR) for studies, and overseeing the hiring of external consultants. His responsibilities extend to supporting the development of policy briefs on WASH issues and other knowledge products derived from monitoring, evaluation, and learning. Abdul has a proven track record of identifying, documenting, and disseminating key lessons learned and best practices at project, program, and camp levels. His proficiency in maintaining digital repositories ensures the safe storage of knowledge products. Abdul also leads the roll-out of MEAL systems, ensuring donor and beneficiary accountability, and plays a crucial role in collecting and analyzing data to inform ongoing improvement efforts. His commitment to training and coaching is evident in his efforts to enhance beneficiary feedback practices and share good practices with sub-grantees. With a background in development studies and social science, Abdul Hamid combines academic knowledge with practical skills, making him a valuable asset in the field of monitoring and evaluation.


Altua Kubi | HR and Admin Officer

Altua Kubi is a seasoned HR and Admin Officer with a proven track record of effective management and organizational support. Currently serving in the role since July 2023, Altua oversees a range of responsibilities that showcase her expertise in human resources and administrative functions. Her duties include managing the staffing process from recruitment to onboarding, ensuring compliance with regulations, implementing a performance appraisal system, and handling employee orientation. Altua also excels in administrative tasks, overseeing daily operations, coordinating appointments and events, managing office supplies, and maintaining efficient filing systems. Her role extends to collaborating with the finance department for invoicing and payment processing. Altua’s commitment to excellence is evident in her prior experience, including a stint as Junior Finance & Admin Officer at GUSS and Finance Officer at World Vision Bangladesh, where she demonstrated proficiency in financial planning, budgeting, and compliance. Altua holds a BBA in Finance and has augmented her skills through various training sessions, reflecting her dedication to continuous professional development. With a robust background and diverse skill set, Altua Kubi is a valuable asset to any organization seeking a dedicated and knowledgeable HR and Admin professional.


Naveed Hossain | Development and Communications Officer

Naveed Hossain is a highly skilled Development and Communications Officer at Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha, where he has been instrumental in producing compelling visual and audiovisual media, including documentaries showcasing partnerships with notable organizations such as BRTUK, MAUSA, IDRF, GlobalMedic Canada, and Muntada Aid. With a remarkable command of the English language, Naveed excels in breaking down complex concepts for diverse audiences, displaying proficiency in both technical and creative writing. His expertise extends to video editing, sound engineering, and photo editing, with over 15 years of experience in multimedia and technology. Naveed’s role encompasses social media management, writing, editing, and proofreading various project documents, and conducting fieldwork, where he skillfully captures beneficiary interviews and anchors on-camera work. Beyond his role at Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha, Naveed has successfully freelanced as a writer, editor, and musician on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. His academic background includes a BA and MA in English Literature from BRAC University, where he also served as a student tutor. Naveed’s commitment to education extends to his freelance tutoring, where he has positively impacted the academic journeys of numerous students. Additionally, he is a talented musician, being the driving force behind the music project ‘Naveed and the Navlets’ and an urban fantasy novella author with ‘ZAYA. 

Rajoni Akter | Programme Officer

Rajoni’s professional journey began as a Fundraising Volunteer at the OBHIZATRIK Foundation, where she managed donors supporting the educational expenses of underprivileged children. With a keen interest in international relations, she has worked as a Data Analyst at Foreign Policy Pedia, conducted fieldwork as a Field Enumerator at the Centre for Genocide Studies, and served as an Intern at Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha, assisting in report writing, documentation, editing, and newsletter preparation. Rajoni’s commitment to social projects is evident in her completion of a project at Amra Notun Network, BRAC, aimed at reducing aggressive behavior among children. She has further honed her skills through various workshops and courses, including those on international refugee law, cyber security, and youth engagement in countering violent extremism. Holding a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the Dhaka University, Rajoni is proficient in both Bangla and English. Her proactive involvement in extra-curricular activities, such as serving as a former Planning Secretary and Finance Secretary at the university, demonstrates her leadership and organizational abilities. With a diverse skill set encompassing Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, research, and fieldwork, Rajoni is a valuable asset to Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha, contributing significantly to the organization’s mission and goals.  

Readul Bepari | Support Staff

Readul Bepari serves as an essential member of our office support staff, contributing significantly to the smooth functioning of daily operations. Readul’s dedication to cleanliness, punctuality, and willingness to undertake various tasks, including meal procurement and city-wide errands such as bank visits, is invaluable. As the first to arrive and the last to leave, Readul’s commitment to his responsibilities is evident, ensuring a tidy and organized workspace for the entire team. His practical skills and reliability make him an indispensable asset to our office, underscoring the importance of every team member’s contributions.