The Story of Lonely Dildar Begum

Dildar Begum (FCN-214972) aged 45 years, lives lonely at block A in camp-4. Her husband died 27 years ago from kidney disease. She migrated in Bangladesh in September 2017.  In August 2017 when Myanmar military started killing the civilian people, Dildar Begum ran away and crossed the border and entered in Bangladesh. After entering in Bangladesh she faced endless difficulties. Without food, shelter & wash facilities her sufferings started increasing. After few days she started receiving different facilities from different organizations. 

Dildar Begum receives regular food support from WFP which is not enough for fulfilling her nutritious needs. But in this month of Ramadan she got a large food pack from Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha funded by MAUSA which is surely going to provide nutrition to her for many days. 

In this month of Ramadan everyone cherishes to eat delicious foods tike Biryani, Sweets, paratha etc. which can easily be made with the Ramadan food pack we provided. This Ramadan food pack brought happiness in her life.

“I am very lucky that I have got this huge Ramadan food pack. It will give me food support for many days” said Dildar Begum”