The Heart touching story of Blind Mohammad Sadek

Mohammad Sadek (FCN-303023), 31 years old man who is blind by birth has been living at camp 4 since   September, 2017. On August 2017 Myanmar Army attacked their village. They brutally killed his uncle and small brother. Sadek ran away from the village and entered in Bangladesh with the help of his neighbor as he is blind. After coming in Bangladesh he faced different critical problems for his Blindness & loneliness. He lived in a tent, there was also lack of food, water supply, sanitation & necessary health services.  Gradually he began to receive different types of assistance from different organizations.  

 In 2020 he married Haresa Begum who is partially mentally sick. They have a one year old daughter. A blind person is the most vulnerable & helpless person in this world. His needs are endless.     


He receives regular food support from WFP which includes rice, oil, lentils, etc which is not enough for fulfilling the nutritious needs of his family. His family never got any food besides WFP”s regular food support. At last in this Holy month of Ramadan he got a large food pack from Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha (GUSS) funded by Muslim Aid USA which includes   Potato, Flour, Aromatic rice, Onion, Spices, Semai, Sugar, Dates, and Peas.

“I am very happy after receiving this huge food pack. I have never dreamt that anyone can give me this kind of foods in this holly month of Ramadan. Thanks to Muslim Aid USA “said Mohammed Sadek.

 Mohammed Sadek believes that Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha (GUSS) and MAUSA will continue this kind of support for the vulnerable people.  

“I am blind & helpless. This kind of food support is like a gift from heaven. I will never forget this support till my death. ”said Mohammed Sadek”