Case Study - MAUSA - Flood Response - Phool Banu

Living in the Girish Nagar village in Surma Union of Doarabazar Upazila, Sunamgonj, Mst. Phool Banu has been living in poverty after losing her husband. She lost all connection with her children after they got married. Since then, she has been working as a housemaid in other people’s houses to bear the expenses of her family. This became difficult to continue as she got older. After a certain point she started having various health issues including the discovery of a weak heart, respiratory problems and high blood pressure. Due to this, she had to stop working, which sadly led to her starvation. Without money she cannot buy the necessary medicine for her high blood pressure.

58-year-old Phool Banu was met with the worst possible situation when the flood destroyed her only hope- her house and washed away everything with it. After living in a shelter for 15 days Phool Banu came home to find nothing in its place. As such, she began living in other people’s house, spending her days in prolonged suffering.

With the help of Muslim Aid USA and Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha, Phool Banu received large food supplies which made her tremendously happy. She said, “I have gotten help before but never to this extent.” Having received this massive amount of food supplies she has thanked Muslim Aid USA and GUSS, and prayed for them from the bottom of her heart.