Case Study - MAUSA - Shelter and WASH Assistance Project - Nur Safa

The Story of Nur Safa & her family

Nur Safa (FCN-194009) aged 35 years, lives with her only daughter and two sons at block C in camp-4. He migrated in Bangladesh in September 2017 with her children. The death of her husband brought countless misery in her life, 10 years ago in 2012.  In August 2017 when suddenly the environment of Rakhine state in Myanmar became terrible restless due to military aggression, assaulting, looting the valuable assets and recklessly killing of the civilian people by the Myanmar army Nur Safa saw the life-threatening situation in Myanmar. So, at the eleventh hour, finding no other alternative way to save their lives, Nur Safa crossed the border with the help of her neighboring people and entered Bangladesh, empty-handed only grabbing her children while crossing the border. But Bangladesh was no entirely welcoming and peaceful for her. 

After coming in Bangladesh Nur Safa faced many crises including homelessness, starvation and uncertainty.  Her life was totally dependent on public assistance and sympathy. Anyhow she only kept his body and soul together and always fight to survive her life with dignity. 

Nur Safa was living in a house that was very poor in condition. During monsoon season, water drops toppled down from the roof and insects could enter in her house as the fences were old and broken. All she wanted is a secure shelter with basic facilities. In the meantime, Nur Safa came to know that Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha (GUSS) financially supported by MAUSA would assist people by providing shelter in her block. After that, the community Mobilizers of GUSS went to her house in order to collect some necessary information and she cooperated with our community mobilizers accordingly by providing the required information. So, considering the above-mentioned situation and based on the collected data, Nur safa was selected as a beneficiary.  After maintaining all the appropriate procedures, eventually, in the month of December, her shelter was constructed by GUSS financially supported by MAUSA. Since then, She & her children are staying in this new shelter that is labeled 22 and they feel happy and secure in the shelter. 

“I am very lucky to get this new shelter. Thanks to Global Unnayan Seba Sanstha (GUSS) and Muslim Aid USA for providing me this midterm shelter assistance before monsoon and seasonal storm” said Nur Safa with very emotionally.

“I was very worried about our safety living in the old house as my daughter is getting elder. living without husband is very much difficult. Now we are safe in this strongly constructed shelter. Suria to Almighty Allah for giving us this shelter through MAUSA & Global Unnayan Seba Sangstha “said Nur Safa with smile”